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There are not only reliable gay friends but also dates and group chatting here: Bear community, gay news, fitness, travel, university students and renting…rich personal information, wonderful popular pictures and all kinds of city-wide activities, making ZANK the hottest gay software in China.ZANK, who devotes to serve 70 million of gays in China wholeheartedly!
【Featured Functions】 - Accurate search of nearby gay friendsYou can not only find gays nearby, but also accurately search and filter them by age, figure, role and online or offline!
- Popular pictures to find you Mr. RightEnjoy the most popular and latest pictures of gay friends. Here you can not only “like” just by one simple click, but can also comment in real-time. Knowing his status at any time by following him makes you never miss your Mr. Right!
- Group chatting for friends with common interest to chat freely together! Too hard to find a topic in one-on-one chat? Find gay friends with same interest and hobbies to chat overnight and save chatting out of awkwardness through ZANK group!
- More reliable friends with rich personal information Perfect dating match experience to light up your life, love is not untouched any more. With mutual matching to connecting, you can date from one simple click and start to enjoy the happiness. Are you ready to start your dream journey?- Wonderful life with attractive offline activities No matter the dinner party, KTV singing, watching a film or playing badminton, you can all find the like-minded friends; also hundreds of official activities are launched by cooperative agencies here. What are you still waiting for?
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